For traders, who trade through CQG, Rithmic, CTS T4

Now all functions of order window of our platform are available, namely:

1. All complex orders (T/S, S/L, T/P, Trigger) are processed and stored on server and will work with closed terminal VolFix.Net

2. Autofollow desk available. Opportunity to connect your account to accounts of other customers of the platform.

3. Ability to connect to any number of logins Rithmic simultaneously (up to 3 logins for free)

4. Supports all exchanges available in Rithmic (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX, ICE etc.)

5. Supports all connection types (test, general and HFT)

6. Ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously (duplicate order for 2 or more accounts with a single click, set up correspondence of accounts)